My name is Lily Fox and I'm a Graphic Designer. Like any modern person, my job has a significant place in my life. And it's not because I spend around 8 hours every day working. My job is extremely satisfying and constantly encourages me to work on myself and be better. I don’t just create graphics, I literally invest my soul in every detail. In summary, my job consists of creating a corporate identity. This includes creating company logos, color signs, and even unique fonts! From the perspective of an average person, this may seem like a very simple job, but this is not really true.

The work of a graphic designer is a union of creativity and logic. Why? Because a graphic designer solves several complex and important tasks at the same time. The products we create (logos, typefaces) should be bright, unforgettable and unique. In doing so, we must take into account the specifics of the organization for which they are being developed and also ensure our designs are printable. I try to spend my free time actively. I don't like to lie in bed and watch TV, I rather travel and discover something new. That's where I get my inspiration and strength from!

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