FOR TAIWANESE CITIZENS – TURKEY Official Turkey ETA Visa Online – Immigration Application Process Online – 土耳其官方簽證線上申請 土耳其政府移民中心

Posted on March 30, 2024
FOR TAIWANESE CITIZENS - TURKEY Official Turkey ETA Visa Online - Immigration Application Process Online - 土耳其官方簽證線上申請 土耳其政府移民中心

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任何希望訪問土耳其旅遊或商務的人都應滿足簽證先決條件,即需要從本網站獲得合法的土耳其簽證。 合格的訪客現在可以輕鬆申請電子簽證,這是進入土耳其的最簡單方式。 忘記大使館裡的長隊吧。 土耳其政府線上電子簽證框架 100% 透過筆記型電腦或手機在網路上進行。 旅客填寫電子申請表並在大約24小時內,有時甚至不到4小時內透過電子郵件獲得批准的簽證。 您在本網站上填寫線上表格兩分鐘並提供個人和護照詳細資料後,即可獲得土耳其的單次和多次訪問簽證。 那麼,土耳其電子簽證到底是什麼? 土耳其電子簽證(eVisa)是進入或允許訪問土耳其共和國的授權。 許多國家的居民可以透過簡單易用的線上申請結構獲得土耳其電子簽證。 電子簽證取代了土耳其大使館之前發放的護照貼紙和護照印章簽證。 由於土耳其的電子簽證,您只需透過手機或筆記型電腦存取網路即可完成您的申請。 基於互聯網的土耳其簽證申請僅需 24 小時即可處理。 批准後,電子簽證將透過電子郵件直接發送給您。 機場或海港的移民管制官員在其移民政策中確認了土耳其電子簽證的合法性。 攜帶透過電子郵件發送給您的電子簽證,或者更好的是,列印出來以防萬一您的手機電池沒電了。 以下國家和種族有資格獲得土耳其網路簽證: 安提瓜和巴布達 亞美尼亞 澳洲 巴哈馬 巴貝多 百慕達 加拿大 中國 多明尼加 多明尼加共和國 格瑞那達 海地 香港 BNO 牙買加 科威特 馬爾地夫 毛里求斯 阿曼 聖盧西亞 文森和格瑞那丁加入貝都因阿聯酋航空美國 Anybody wishing to visit Turkey for Tourism or Business to the should meet the Visa prerequisites, which require having a having a legitimate Turkey visa from this website. Qualified visitor can now easily request for an an electronic visa, which is the simplest way to enter Turkey. Forget about the long queues at Embassy. Online Government of Turkey eVisa framework is 100 percent on the web from laptop or mobile phone. Travelers complete an electronic application application form and get the approved visa by email in about 24 hours, sometimes even less than 4 hours. Single and multiple visit visas for Turkey are accessible after you fill an online form on this website for two minutes and provide personal and passport details. So, what exactly is the Turkey eVisa. The electronic visa for Turkey (eVisa) is an authority to enter or permits visit into the Republic of Turkey. Residents of many nations can obtain their Turkish eVisa through a simple to utilize online application structure. The eVisa replaces the passport sticker and passport stamp visa previously given at Turkish Embassy. Because of the eVisa for Turkey, you just need a web access from phone or laptop to complete your application. The internet based Turkey visa application just requires 24 hours to process. When approve, the eVisa is sent straightforwardly to you by email. Immigration control officials at airports or sea ports ports confirm the legitimacy of the Turkish eVisa in their migration policy. Carry the eVisa sent to you by email or better still, take a print out just in case your phone batter dies. Following nations and ethnicities are qualified for Turkish Visa On the web, Antigua and Barbuda Armenia Australia Bahamas Barbados Bermuda Canada China Dominica Dominican Republic Grenada Haiti Hong Kong BNO Jamaica Kuwait Maldives Mauritius Oman St. Lucia St. Vincent and the Grenadines Saudi Arabia South Africa Taiwan Joined Bedouin Emirates US of America

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