Peptide Doctor

Posted on March 10, 2023

Peptide Doctor – The PeptiDr is the trusted unique source for supreme peptide supply because of the patented production process results in super high concentration of peptides, usually thousands of times over competitors.

Normally, one type of peptide is syndicated at one time and aiming for multiple efficacies. While multiple strains of Dr Peptides, in cases over a dozen in one formula, are produced simultaneously with perfect amino acid sequences. This result in unparalleled product performance and astonished consumers at Peptide Doctor.


Peptide Doctor Proprietary Professional Process

  • Efficacy peptide gene analysis
  • Construct a peptide yeast expression vector
  • Yeast strain gene sequencing test
  • Freezing storage of yeast strains
  • Yeast activation
  • Yeast fermentation
  • Bacterial liquid separation and high temperature sterilization
  • Spray drying and finished product packaging
  • Finished product inspection and delivery
  • Production processes are protected by multiple patents.


Our Invention

Dr’s “Multi-Peptide Expression Method” has obtained multi-national patent technology certificates, and is committed to the mass production and manufacture of various oral peptide products with market demand to maximize the value of peptides that are beneficial to human health.

Metal Binding Peptides – We are currently developing Peptide Iron Particles for the mining of gold, iridium, rhodium and palladium.

The surface structure of each metal molecule is different. Based on this characteristic, we select peptides with opposite shapes to bind to the metal, which create strong adhesion to facilitate metal mining.


Protein Development and Production Services

We are offering our revolutionary production methodology as a service. The advantage is speedy mass production at a reasonable cost. The product can be provided similar to our Peptide Products. The corn fiber as the carrier with up to 6 percent of protein/peptide. The product is edible with good taste. Any other form is also possible.

All peptide supplements are yeast proteins before digestion. All shipments will be described as so in the documents. Peptide terms discussed herein are for research purposes only.



Peptide Cosmetic powered by Peptide Doctor

  • Age spot removal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin whitening
  • Injury recover
  • Hair growth



Sky is the limit

  • Drinks and beverages
  • Coffee additive
  • Processed food additive
  • Veterinary

★ Drug tests would not detect Dr Peptide’s left spin peptide structure.


All Peptide Cosmetic products are ready for mass production and samples available. Opportunity: white labelling with some customization (MOQ 10K units).

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